Eight experts share their experience and insights.

Depression is often clearly a response to loss—of a loved person, a valued job, a sense of self-identity, a treasured activity, a dream, or a future.

In my segment of this conference, titled “The many faces of loss, and how to resolve it,” I explore the possibility that all depression is in response to some kind of loss — including a number of experiences that are often not thought of as losses, such as a “midlife crisis,” or an image of a stable and loving childhood that an abuse victim never experienced. If this is true, then resolving the loss will lift the resulting depression. Ryan Nagy is a skilled and intelligent interviewer, willing to offer his own personal experience in response to trying out what we are discussing.

Other speakers in the conference include Erickson experts Michael Yapko — who probably knows more about depression than anyone else on the planet — and Bill O’Hanlon, who has been very open about being suicidally depressed as a college student. We are joined by presentations by Carolyn Daitch, Rob McNeilly, Bill Wade, Carol Kershaw, and Lynn Johnson.

The conference is available in video, audio, and smartphone versions, and has a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it, so you risk nothing by signing up. The written description of the conference and presenters is easy to scan quickly, and includes a short video introduction by Ryan, that puts a human face on this learning opportunity. 6 CEU credits are available for Psychologists, Social Workers, Nurses, and Marriage and Family Counselors.

You can check out more about this online Ericksonian Conference at this link.