One of my favorite sayings is a Japanese proverb:

                  “None of us is as smart as all of us.” 

Here are a couple of opportunities . . . .


Free Short Online Training on Anxiety

I was recently asked by a colleague to share something short and simple that could quickly be used by therapists to make an impact with people experiencing anxiety. It is included in a free anxiety solution “cheat sheet” and short training on helping folks with anxiety that has been put together by Ryan Nagy and Rob McNeilly, a student of Milton Erickson. The guide and training is free, you just have to give your email.

As you probably know, my way of working with anxiety is very different from that of most therapists. However you may find some useful ideas you can take from this resource. The guide and training will only be up for a few more days, so take a look now if you are interested.


Another review of Bandler’s phobia cure video

Jonathan Altfeld has an interesting and somewhat different set of observations and thoughts about Bandler’s demonstration that he developed without having seen my blog review, or the comments by others that I also posted on my blog not long ago. Here is a link to Jonathan Altfeld’s review of Richard Bandler’s phobia cure demonstration.