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This new video contains two training segments from from the 2010 Advanced Mastery Training featuring Steve Andreas. The first training segment begins with an example of using the “prior cause” reframing pattern recursively with a client: “And that’s because. . . ?” This simple intervention can lead to a powerful shift in a client’s perspective. […]

The NLP Research and Recognition Project

The letter below is from the NLP Research and Recognition Project, asking for a financial contribution to support their work. I hope you will join with me in supporting the project with more than good wishes. Since it was initially proposed almost four years ago, Frank Bourke has spent a great deal of his time, […]

Many people continue to be troubled by regret over past decisions that didn’t turn out well. Learn how to identify the two kinds of regret, and the many ways in which they differ, and how each requires a somewhat different process for resolution. In this carefully sequenced training segment, presented for the first time at […]

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In our fast-paced society where everyone seems to be attempting to do more, and get more done, often the easiest thing to short-change is our sleep. We may stay up late one more night to finish that project, or read another chapter. Many in the younger generation seem to use the hours after midnight as […]

Here is a report I received from Ron Klein, who has been using the methods taught in my new 2-volume e-book, Help with Negative Self-Talk. Ron works with a lot of clients and trains people in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and NLP (see, so I respect his experience a great deal: After attending Steve’s presentation on […]