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Introduction by Steve Andreas Below is a verbatim excerpt from Danie Beaulieu’s “Living Metaphor” video (recorded at the 2010 Advanced Mastery Training in Boulder Colorado.) Danie is a master at utilizing simple props for profound effect. Here she tells how she used a bag of smelly chicken bones to gain rapport with a young boy […]

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The Meanings of Life

A Few Favorite Quotations About Living It is a busy time of year for most of us, and for many it can be a curious mixture of good times and more stressful ones. I offer you a few of my favorite quotations to guide you and sustain you through the holiday season: “Be yourself; everyone […]

This movie includes a segment on NLP with Arielle Essex, an NLP Master Practitioner, and what she did after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. The NLP principles involved are pretty old and basic, but I think they are nicely presented, and should generate some interest in NLP. [I suspect that some of the rest […]


This is an exceptionally detailed and even-handed article surveying an immense body of research on placebos.

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Accessing a Drug State

Keith Oslund, in BC, Canada writes about an interesting way he found to engage teenagers who are in trouble for substance abuse: “In the practitioner training we did the process called accessing a drug state* and one of the participants got absolutely blasted. I routinely use that process with teenagers who are having substance abuse […]