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I would like to interview people who have experienced hate or loathing, as part of an informal research project to gather information about the essential process characteristics of these experiences. My goal is to develop a dependable protocol for helping people who are troubled by these states and want to change them—just as Connirae and […]

Recently I was exasperated by someone who didn’t keep what I thought was an agreement between us. But “Exasperation” doesn’t fully express the intensity of the confusion and disorientation I felt when that happened, so I decided to explore it using Andy Austin’s Metaphors of Movement process. Connirae and I have been having a great […]

Clearing Out Clutter

If you haven’t got around to spring cleaning yet, this might be for you: Cleaning Out Clutter DVD – Steve Andreas Last December I did two live client demonstrations at the Milton Erickson Foundation Brief Therapy Conference. Before the videotaping began, I asked for a volunteer from the audience without asking them what they wanted […]

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When someone says emphatically, “Never again!” or “That’s it!” or “I’ve had it!” (usually accompanied by some kind of definitive slicing hand gesture) it indicates that they have reached a threshold, and are ready to take action to make a change in their lives. However, they may reach this threshold, take action, and then continue […]

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Helping Your Body Heal

A friend of mine who has Lyme disease wrote me recently, saying: “So good to hear from you. I’ve thought of calling to ask if you have any special ideas or resources for dealing with the Lyme beast.” I answered her as follows (edited): A. Notice the image in your mind as you think of […]