Keith Oslund, in BC, Canada writes about an interesting way he found to engage teenagers who are in trouble for substance abuse:

“In the practitioner training we did the process called accessing a drug state* and one of the participants got absolutely blasted. I routinely use that process with teenagers who are having substance abuse problems. I show them that their mind can make them higher than any drug. It is amazing how many give up drugs after that experience. Once I worked with a group of kids that were seized from their families because of drug and alcohol abuse. I knew that the old lecture about the evils of alcohol would be a totally useless attempt at having them experience life in a different way. So I decided to hypnotize them into being impaired without the substance. Accessing the drug or alcohol state worked incredibly well. One of the kids commented that he was more stoned on his own than he has ever gotten from pot. From that day forward every one of those kids attended my classes. They became interested in how to program their brains for success. The whiny victim attitude was gone, and training these kids became quite easy. They didn’t have to be told by adults to give up the drug; they discovered how to use their own brains. What a hoot. I could create a novel of the awesome experiences NLP has created for my students and clients.”

*This process appears in detail in Change Your Mind-and Keep the Change, chapter 9 “Accessing Kinesthetic States.”