I’m very pleased to tell you about two new cyber buddies, Kaj Sotala in Finland, and Adam Goldman, currently in Albania. Both are highly skilled in information technology, a perfect background for expertise in NLP.


Kaj Sotala

Kaj is one of very few people who thoroughly understands the principles of scope and category that underlie my books, Transforming Your Self and Six Blind Elephants. He also successfully applied them without assistance to his own 20-year depression and anxiety. He has gone on to explore additional applications and conclusions of these and other topics on his very readable web site, a great resource. Contact.


Adam Goldman

Adam’s work is one of the most exciting developments in the application of NLP I’ve seen in years—and I don’t say that lightly.

Here’s why: He has taken a number of familiar patterns—phobia, swish, grief resolution, etc. and created programs that he calls “Brain Hacking Automation Tools” http://www.adamgoldman.me

People can use these online programs on their own to process a variety of common problems and outcomes, such as trauma, grief, troublesome internal dialogue, etc. No hard statistics yet, but there are already a significant number of reports of success.

At the very least it’s a prototype “proof of concept”—that it’s possible to do change work using a computer program, without using visual or auditory channels for information-gathering and feedback, and without being able to use those channels to support change work interventions. Even if the overall success rate turns out to be fairly low, that could still be a wonderful economical option for many people for whom individual sessions aren’t even a remote possibility.

Adam also does Facebook chats with clients in which he periodically directs the client to use one of his Brain Hacking Automation Tools, and then report back and continue the session. Since there is an unedited verbatim written record of these sessions, it’s possible to read exactly what was said by both Adam and the client—unfortunately a rarity in the field.

He has posted a verbatim chat in which he resolves a woman’s obsessive compulsion disorder in one session, using familiar processes in a particular sequence. Though it needs to be tested with additional OCD clients, his process makes perfect sense to me, and I expect that it will generalize to other clients with that problem, filling a gap where NLP hasn’t had a dependable protocol.

As if all this wasn’t enough, he also has posted a verbatim chat demonstrating resolving fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome in an extended session over several days:

Fibro/CFS is a problem that is mysterious, has stumped doctors, and is supposedly incurable, so if the process holds up with even a few additional clients it will be a huge breakthrough that could benefit thousands.

All the information on Adam’s site is 100% free and open-sourced, meaning the code for the tools is available as well, hoping to inspire more people in the field to contribute to this development. He has no permanent address, moves around, with a very flexible schedule, available for trainings/consultations, and he welcomes feedback/contact:

His preferred mode of communication is Facebook:

Second choice is Whatsapp: +63 915 380 7634

Third choice is Skype: adam.goldman43

If all else fails, email: goldy@adamgoldman.me