Transforming Your Self Workshop

Damon Cart will be teaching a weekend workshop (based on my book with the same title) in Santa Cruz, CA May 14-15. Damon is a young trainer who has an unusually good grasp of the core principles of NLP, and who has special interest in, and ability to use, the self-concept methodology I developed. I have been mentoring Damon over the past year or so, and it is a pleasure to recommend his training.


Book Chapter

Adjusting personal boundaries is a ridiculously easy way to adjust our unconscious responses in challenging situations, and it doesn’t require any fancy theory or special skill. It only involves paying attention, and experimenting with changes to find out which ones serve you well. I have just put chapter 13, Adjusting Your Protective Boundaries from Transforming Your Self on my web site, for all to read free.


Older articles

I have also been sorting through some old files, and found several articles that never (yet) found their way onto my web site. Here they are (free):

1982 Neuro-Linguistic Programming: A New Technology for Training

1992 Where is NLP Going?

1999 What Makes a Good NLPer?

1999 Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Changing Points of View

(Much of this article is an excerpt from Using Your Brain—for a change.)

2000 Congruence