The letter below is from the NLP Research and Recognition Project, asking for a financial contribution to support their work. I hope you will join with me in supporting the project with more than good wishes.

Since it was initially proposed almost four years ago, Frank Bourke has spent a great deal of his time, and not a little of his own money (and far more patience, intestinal fortitude, and persistence than I can muster!) talking to people in government, and drafting grants to fund research into NLP processes. The initial planned research will verify the use of the V/K dissociation process for PTSD. Scientific validation of what we all know works has the potential for putting NLP “on the map” (and as a result, on the territory, too!) ;-)

Several research grants and proposals are now very close to being approved, and the amounts are in the millions. One very important factor in their approval is that those in the field support this kind of research. Even relatively small contributions from many of you are a necessary component in the Foundation approval process, multiplying the effect of your contribution at least a thousand-fold.

Supporting this effort will benefit all of us in the field, as well as all the suffering people who will benefit if NLP is more widely known and recognized as effective.

Steve Andreas

For too long NLP has been considered second class. We want to change that with state of the art research, publications and a world-wide public relations campaign!

It’s time to get NLP the respect it deserves!

Our support includes over 40 International NLP Institutions, Judith Delozier, Steve and Connirae Andreas, Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith, Paul Tosey, Richard Bolstad, Heidi Heron, Steven Leeds, Rachel Hott and many others.

  • Based on recent accomplishments, The NLP Research and Recognition Fundraising Committee are kicking off an ambitious fundraising campaign.
  • We are emailing 110,000 NLP Practitioners world-wide to request a small monthly gift in hopes that dreams of NLP recognition become a reality.

What Has Happened To Generate All This Excitement? A lot!

  • The U.S. Army research division (ARDEC) involved with Homeland Security has approved our proposal to be forwarded to the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee for Funding of $3.5 million to research materials and train emergency responders.
  • The Brain Research Center, an affiliate of Columbia University, has provided one of the most prestigious psychophysiology laboratories in the United States for our research use.
  • Marshall University is currently awaiting reviews from the Dept. of Defense for a $350,000 pilot grant evaluating the PTSD treatment protocol developed by Steve Andreas, Tim Hallborn, Richard Gray, Suzy Smith, Bill McDowell and others.
  • Follow-up grant proposals for the PTSD protocol are being developed at Fairleigh Dickenson and Columbia University.
  • The House of Representatives Committee for Veterans Affairs is helping us promote the PTSD protocol with Executives within the Veterans Administration and with influential Congressman.

Foundations require the NLP Community to show funding contributions before they will open their purses. Small monthly donations from NLP Practitioners can, and with continued hard work, will be reflected in Foundation Grants for research.

We are close but need your help.

How Can You Help?

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“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”
Johann von Goethe

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