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Steve Andreas responds to Shawn Carson’s post, “The Swish, States, and Neuroscience: Continuing the Dialogue with Steve Andreas” Steve’s responses are in italics.   This blog post (round 6) focuses on the question: “Does neuroscience actually help us know what to do with clients?” Shawn’s answer is “Yes”; my answer is “No.” Enjoy the dialogue! […]

A further response in the ongoing dialogue between Shawn Carson and Steve Andreas, regarding the HNLP Meta Pattern, (including comments from Connirae Andreas) (round 5b)                   In this post I’ll respond to Shawn’s claim that “all human change is based on the HNLP Meta Pattern” and “all NLP patterns follow the Meta Pattern.”          […]

Online Opportunities

Free Video Demonstration of the “standard swish” with nail-biting. In response to my recent blog post, “How to Ruin the Swish Pattern” several people asked for a demonstration of how to do the process correctly. This is the first demonstration from our 1986 swish video; the second demonstration on that video shows Connirae gathering information […]

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Interview Here When Connirae was teaching in London a few weeks ago, she was asked to do an interview for Conscious2 TV about her new Wholeness Work. Connirae shares a profound personal experience from when she visited Dr. Milton Erickson, shortly before he died. She explains how this oriented her to developing Core Transformation, and […]

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The Structure of Change: A Response to Steve Andreas by Shawn Carson Sep 01, 2016 Shawn’s reply is in regular type; Steve’s comments are in italics.    I have decided to divide my response into two parts; first to the two smaller items below which relate directly to the swish pattern. In a later post […]

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