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Sometimes an intervention doesn’t work because something else needs to happen first. Putting on your pants before putting on underpants just doesn’t work very well, unless you just want to get attention at a party. Other times a “great” intervention might not quite fit the circumstances. You may see a nice-looking shirt in a store […]

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Back to the Swish—research article Steve’s Response to Shawn’s blog post, Neuroscience, Metaphors and Coaching   Shawn writes:          “I briefly mention a few of the other sillier objections Steve raises.”  I think the word “sillier” is an evaluative judgment that goes far beyond a respectful exchange of different opinions, and has no place in […]

A Response to Shawn Carlson’s blog post Patterns Within Patterns   I’d like to start by completely agreeing with Shawn’s description of a lovely piece of reorienting in time that can be used to consolidate any change, however made: “An additional temporal step is added by inviting the client to step into the future and, […]

Free Holiday Gift for you and yours!

Dear Friends, For the holidays Mark Andreas has just released a free booklet of two “outside-the-box” cop stories that people are finding touching, humorous, and inspirational in a time when police shootings and abuse of power has regularly made the news. Just a few days ago one of the stories was requested by Macmillan Learning […]

Note: my old email address no longer works. To email me, please use my new address sandreas44 [at]        A variety of studies find that overall the median number of sessions that a therapist has with a client is one — roughly half of all clients don’t return for a second session. Whether or not […]