I’m really pleased to announce that Volume I of my e-book, (which was titled “Help with Negative Self-Talk”), is being published by Norton, a major New York publisher, now titled Transforming Negative Self-Talk. (118 pp. paperback, $17.50) One of Norton’s editors saw a presentation I did on a webcast; she really liked it and this book is the result.

This book is strongly recommended by a number of prominent therapists, including Michael Yapko, Jeff Zeig, Michael Hoyt, and Giorgio Nardone.

It’s already available on Amazon.com (including a Kindle e-book edition) or direct from Norton.

Samples from the book:

Earlier on this blog I posted a section from this book on affirmations—why most affirmations don’t work at all, and some backfire, and how to create an affirmation that will work well.

Volume 2 of the e-book, Help With Negative Self-Talk is still available from Real People Press.

Contents and excerpts can be found here.

*The new Norton paperback edition is the same book as volume 1 of Steve’s e-book, Help With Negative Self-Talk except that the Norton book has one additional chapter. Volume 1 is no longer available as a Real People Press e-book, but it is now available from Amazon on Kindle.