I would like to interview people who have experienced hate or loathing, as part of an informal research project to gather information about the essential process characteristics of these experiences. My goal is to develop a dependable protocol for helping people who are troubled by these states and want to change them—just as Connirae and I did years ago with Grief and Shame. If you are not familiar with these methods, the articles below can give you an overview of the kinds of process variables I am interested in.



However, at this point I will be primarily gathering information; any resulting beneficial changes would be an accidental result of questioning and experimentation.

I would particularly like to interview people who have experienced hate or loathing in the past, but no longer do so, because the contrast between the two can make it easier to determine the key changes involved.

I can interview people on the phone (303) 442-2902, or Skype. You can call most any time between 10AM and 8PM (U.S. Mountain Standard Time) and see if it is convenient for me to talk, or email (andreas [at] qwest.net) me proposing a time to talk by phone or Skype. All conversations/interviews are completely confidential; no recordings will be made—and since I will be exploring process parameters, I don’t need any information about the content.

If you have any thoughts about how these states are created, how they differ from dislike, disgust, or other similar states, or you have any experience of successfully changing hate or loathing to something more useful, you could also post them as a response to this blog post.