I’m finding Andy Austin’s new method to be a fascinating way of working with people at a fundamental unconscious level, without knowing any content other than the metaphor itself. For instance, I taught my rudimentary understanding of this method at the Milton Erickson Brief Therapy conference in December.

One of my demonstration subjects found herself up to her nose in a large vat of Elmer’s white glue. Asking her simple questions like, “How big is the vat? What’s outside the vat? What clothes are you wearing? What are your feet touching? Is there anything else in the vat with you? What will happen as time passes?” etc. revealed more and more about her situation.

The vat is about 6 feet across at the top, the floor outside the vat is level with the bottom, she is in the buff, she is on tiptoes, barely touching the bottom of the vat, there is a kind of swimming pool ladder at the side of the vat, just out of reach, the glue is going to harden as time passes, etc. With each little discovery, she had a little mini-“aha” experience, as she related elements of the metaphor to her real-life situation, gradually understanding the way she was “stuck” in more and more detail. Each additional detail clarified what she was doing (nothing) and what it might be possible for her to do while staying within the structure of the metaphor.

Metaphor is primarily an unconscious, right-brain representation. By staying within her metaphor, and asking only content-free, open-ended questions, my language was directly responding to her unconscious understanding of her situation, simply helping her to explore it in more detail. The more she clarified her metaphor, the more it became clear what she could do about it.

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