Shelle Rose Charvet is by far one of the best presenters of NLP methods for business/organization/sales applications that I know. Her trainings are well organized and sequenced, illustrated with specific examples, leavened with humor, and nicely punctuated with nonverbal gestures and movements — all of which support easy learning. Click here for a short video clip of her teaching about options vs. procedures, or here for a clip on external vs. internal reference. These — and many other samples of her training on YouTube — give you specific experiences of the richness of what and how she teaches. As long as I have been active in NLP, I find myself repeatedly saying to myself, “Oh yes, of course!”

A lot of trainings promise to take your work “to a whole new level,” but this one really does offer specific practical skills to help your clients improve sales, marketing, teamwork and customer service by knowing how to identify and work with the key psychological triggers that drive human behavior. And of course you can use the same skills to increase sales and effectiveness of your own training, coaching or consulting.

Shelle’s online LAB Profile® Practitioner program is thorough and excellent. It costs less than a live training, and you also save the cost of travel, accommodations and lost earnings — and there is a no risk, money-back guarantee. Since Shelle is so clear and organized, her online training is almost as good as being there in person. And even if you had no interest in the content, this program is a superlative example of how to be an effective trainer and presenter, both verbally and nonverbally.


Live LAB Profile® Training in Paris

Would you like to go to Paris for two weeks, and deduct it all from your taxes? If you work in training, consulting, coaching, etc., you can. Shelle’s LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer Certification Training Program is August 1-12, in Paris. The online Practitioner program is a prerequisite for this program, but nearly 75% of the cost of the Practitioner can be applied to the Trainer Certification Training as a discount. Click here for complete information about this terrific training.