Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy is one of the major approaches that influenced Bandler and Grinder in the early development of NLP. Nick Kemp has modeled what Frank does, and then added some hypnosis and NLP to it to develop what he calls Provocative Change Works™, a unique method for assisting people in making the changes they want in life. In most therapy, the therapist tries to help the client reach their outcome. All the parts of the person that don’t want that outcome are often ignored, and sabotage the efforts of both client and therapist. One of the core patterns in PCW™ is to stand this on its head: the therapist allies themselves with the advantages of the problem, provoking the client to pursue their outcome even more actively and strongly.

Most clients think of their problem in only one way, one that isn’t useful. In a PCW™ session, the problem is linked with a huge number of different, and often humorous or outrageous experiences. The old way of thinking about the problem becomes embedded in a sea of these new, often outrageous points of view, and the client can never see their problem in the same way again.

Here are several new clips of Nick demonstrating.

Enjoy This Funny Video! Click to watch this 6 minute excerpt of Nick doing a session at last year’s Advanced Mastery Training in Colorado.

This new clip which Nick has just made available on YouTube—intended to be educational in itself—is long enough for you to experience some of the many specific patterns Nick demonstrates and teaches. Despite the unconventional approach, and the seemingly effortless conversational manner, there is a real precision to this work, which results in accelerated client change. If you want more, there is a part 2 and part 3 showing more of Nick’s interview with this same man. On the last clip you’ll hear the man’s response to the interview. Here is the link to part 1 of the video:

Nick is one of the few NLP Trainers who has a full private practice, seeing many clients with a wide range of different problems and limitations. Nick knows from experience what actually works in effective client sessions, and he has a very high rate of success with people over time.

The only way to really understand any method is to experience what it is like on the receiving end. During the AMT training last summer, Nick introduced us to PCW exercises that gave us first-hand experience of how each of the separate patterns in this method can easily shift our own experience. When done in the style Nick teaches, it feels friendly, and makes what “seemed to be” a problem feel lighter at the least, and sometimes change completely.

Nick Kemp’s Provocative Change Works ™  training in Boulder, July 30th-August 2nd 2011, will radically expand your natural ability to bring humor into your changework sessions—and also into your life. For a lively three days where you get the opportunity to practice great skills and have a lot of fun while doing so! Nick will also be demonstrating this PCW approach working with members of the public during the AMT training that directly follows this 3-day event.

What people are saying:

“You are totally disarming and beyond formalisation. There is ease and naturalness about you and you make people relax really quickly. You got the power, man.”

~Frank Farrelly
Creator of Provocative Therapy

“I’ve watched the work of Fritz Perls, Anna Freud, Carl Rogers, Moshe Feldenkrais, Alexander Lowen, and a few more of the ‘names’ in the psychotherapy field. Your clinical work surpasses some of them now, at a comparatively young age. Given your passion for clinical learning, love of people and creative spirit, I suspect I’ll be dropping your name onto that list of recognized ‘names’ in the psychotherapy field one day.”

~Frank Bourke Ph.D
Executive Director of the NLP Research and Recognition Project, former lecturer Cornell University and researcher London University

“I attended Nick’s workshop in San Francisco and thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned a lot from Nick about other ways to help my clients, and even more importantly I realized that Nick is a comic genius!”

~Shelle Rose Charvet
Author of The Customer is Bothering Me and Words That Change Minds

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