New article by Steve Andreas appears in the Psychotherapy Networker, August 2014

In this article, Steve expands on a previous blog post, a “case study” describing how he helped a client let go of hate. It includes a lot more detail, and some additional understandings that are fundamental to all client work. It is written in a way that is hopefully more understandable to those without NLP background, including two year follow-up.

Rich Simon, the editor of the Networker said, “This is one of the clearest, most compelling descriptions of NLP — or whatever you’re calling it these days — I’ve ever seen.”

Letting Go of Hate: How to help clients change unconscious responses

Free Webinar on the Wholeness Process

In this 75 min. webinar, Connirae demonstrates a new way of working modeled from spiritual principles, plus shares some of the important frames for the Wholeness Process. This is a video recording of a live Webinar, hosted by NLP Planet.

(Video and audio quality are variable. However the entire presentation has English sub-titles, to make it easy to understand.)

The Wholeness Process: Free Introductory Video Training