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When Connirae was teaching in London a few weeks ago, she was asked to do an interview for Conscious2 TV about her new Wholeness Work.

Connirae shares a profound personal experience from when she visited Dr. Milton Erickson, shortly before he died. She explains how this oriented her to developing Core Transformation, and more recently the Wholeness Work. Connirae also guides the group through the first steps of the first Wholeness Process. You can follow along and get a sense of what this is all about.

You can watch the whole 90 minute interview for free here. Sign up for the 14-day Free Trial, and watch the interview with Connirae, as well as anything else on the site that you might be curious about. Conscious2 is a site devoted to spiritual and personal growth modalities, and features many well-known spiritual teachers including Mooji, Byron Katie, Ken Wilber and others.

The Wholeness Work got their attention because it puts the spiritual quest into a surprisingly precise, specific, and doable set of practices. As an attendee at Connirae’s September training in London said, “It was excellent. Simple and mysterious at the same time.


A few other reports from the London training help convey that this isn’t just another meditative process, but a whole different way of experiencing:

“After the Foundation course I couldn’t imagine how there was more to learn but I’m so glad I came back for the advanced course.”

Q: Did you experience Benefits? “Yes – huge relief of the whole nervous system. Stresses that have been with me since birth. Loved it all.”

–Carola Martin-Smith


“Excellent. Clearing out long held issues.”



“Warm, loving, encompassing precise, effective.

It confused me in a positive way :-)

The techniques brought me more in contact with people and lifted separations with people and/or the world.”

–Martin Winkler


“A really enjoyable and profound training… The [process from Day 4 morning] generated great insights and accompanying shifts in my way of being and was very empowering.”

–Michael Cahill


Thanks to all the London participants for their thoughtful comments. Much appreciated.

You can find the Wholeness training schedule here.