We are looking for people who are interested in having a free NLP session as part of our Advanced Mastery Training (in Boulder, CO, August 3-6, 2011). While we prefer people who do not already have NLP background, we’ll consider someone with a small to moderate amount of background, who may fit the other criteria below.

Who should contact us?

We’re seeking people with life issues that will fit with the special knowledge and strengths of our trainer team, and what we will be teaching. The following issues are what we most want to work with:

1. Depression (major or minor). Richard Bolstad has considerable experience working with overcoming depression and will be demonstrating how he begins the change process with someone.

2. Someone who has been through major trauma (natural disaster, war, etc.), and experiences PTSD or other “leftovers” from that. (This will be Richard B., who has extensive experience with this.)

3. Anger, jealousy, or anxiety. These are some of Nick Kemp’s specialties. He will be demonstrating how he works with this, often combining his Provocative Change Works approach with very brief hypnotic inductions, and/or some rapid change protocols.

4. Anything else. If you know someone who has a significant life issue, and they want to do something about it, have them contact us. Steve Andreas will be doing at least one demonstration and is open to a wide range of personal issues & goals.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in this opportunity, please contact Mark or Connirae at: info [at] andreasnlptrainings.com. We’ll be happy to answer any questions, and send you a brief intake form if you are interested.

What results can you expect?

NLP is known for its quick results, based on its ability to quickly identify and work with the structure of what is going on, rather than just the content. With some issues (and some people), it is possible to get complete results in one session. (We have many examples of quick changes with NLP recorded on video available from Real People Press.) However, with some issues (such as major depression), while we always go for as much change as possible beginning in the first session, typically getting the full results desired is a process that happens through a series of sessions over a period of time. Be prepared to have an interesting and useful exploration, and in addition most people experience at least the beginning of a significant shift in the desired direction.


The sessions will be video recorded, because we will be modeling how the significant “change moments” take place, as part of this training. However, this will be an “in-house” recording; we are not planning to professionally record for the purpose of making products available to the public.

To learn more about the three NLP Master Trainers who will be conducting these free NLP sessions, visit our website: http://www.andreasnlptrainings.com/advanced-mastery-training. You can read their bios and follow links to watch them demonstrate online.