(Yesterday’s blog post didn’t show the video for most email clients so we are reposting this today.)

We have been flooded by recent rains. House is still intact but 20″ of water in lower level has trashed that are of the house, and we had water flowing on both sides of the house for a while.

For some views of what the flooding did, see this video made by our son Mark:


The creek which is normally about 20′ wide and 1/4 mile from our house grew to 1/4 mile wide and cut a new channel about 50′ from the house. We are all ok, but the pump and well are buried by rocks and mud. Have moved out to stay with friends, and of course, somewhat discombobulated, and picking up pieces . . . and it continues to rain.

To those who have emailed us, thanks for your concern and good wishes. We hope you understand that we haven’t had time to respond to them all, but do read them all and take them in. We deeply appreciate the love and warm thoughts sent our way, and are most grateful for the practical help that many friends and community members have given. Many times someone (or someone’s) have arrived to help with whatever needed doing at the moment, and there have been lots of those things. What might otherwise seem overwhelming becomes doable.
The flood has provided many lessons in impermanence, the cycles and changes of the natural world, the beauty and power of water. Among the biggest lessons for us has been realizing the amount of work left in its wake.

Steve, Connirae & Mark