We virtually never do sales, but we’ve decided to do a “Purple Monday” sale on all our remaining DVDs and CDs. (Steve came up with the name.)

Physical media is going the way of the 8-track in favor of digital downloads and streaming content, so it’s time to clear out the old disks.

All CD and DVD products are 50% off while supplies last, and they are very limited. (With the exception of the Core Transformation DVD set, which is not on sale.) After they are gone, we will only be selling digital downloads and streaming content for video and audio products. (We will still sell paper books, however.)

You can find all our DVDs and CDs in our web store at http://realpeoplepress.com.

Or here’s a complete list of all CDs and DVDs on sale:

If you have questions, you can email our Office Manager Duff: order [at] realpeoplepress.com.