If you haven’t got around to spring cleaning yet, this might be for you:
Cleaning Out Clutter DVD – Steve Andreas

Last December I did two live client demonstrations at the Milton Erickson Foundation Brief Therapy Conference. Before the videotaping began, I asked for a volunteer from the audience without asking them what they wanted to work on, and I also asked for a second volunteer in case there was time after working with the first one. To my surprise, they both wanted to work on clutter in their lives, and there was time for both of them. You can see how two people with a problem bearing the same name can have somewhat different structure, requiring different interventions.

Among the methods demonstrated are: eliciting the internal sequence of events that creates the problem, determining where it begins to “go wrong,” changing the sequence to a more useful one, eliciting and utilizing values in the new sequence, increasing motivation by adding and intensifying submodalities, and rehearsing and testing the new sequence to verify that it works well, and adjusting it accordingly. Jeff Zeig, the conference organizer, tells me that clutter is a common issue that people bring to a counseling or coaching session.

Here is a short excerpt from the first client on the DVD:


Get the Clearing Out Clutter DVD with Steve Andreas here.

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