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How Our Metaphors Reveal Creative Solutions

–Guest Post by Connirae Andreas The man was right up against it—a wire fence with jagged barbs densely interwoven. No chance of getting through those barbs. The path ahead looked attractive. But the barbed-wire fence… Even if he could somehow get through the first one, he could see there was another beyond it. And another, […]

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Free Audio and Video Programs

1. A GREAT Music Video from the Three Tomatoes (4:18) 2. Audio Interview with Steve. I recently did an hour long radio interview with Jose Drost-Lopez about my new book, Transforming Negative Self-Talk, which is available here, and which you can listen to any time. 3. Hour-long video webcast with Rich Simon, editor of the […]

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Check out this great story about a mugging gone wrong (or right?), as read by Mark Andreas at a recent Bolder Talks event: For more great stories, you can buy a paperback copy of Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree on, or direct from Real People Press. Also, Sweet Fruit from the Bitter […]

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Clearing Out Clutter

If you haven’t got around to spring cleaning yet, this might be for you: Cleaning Out Clutter DVD – Steve Andreas Last December I did two live client demonstrations at the Milton Erickson Foundation Brief Therapy Conference. Before the videotaping began, I asked for a volunteer from the audience without asking them what they wanted […]

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When someone says emphatically, “Never again!” or “That’s it!” or “I’ve had it!” (usually accompanied by some kind of definitive slicing hand gesture) it indicates that they have reached a threshold, and are ready to take action to make a change in their lives. However, they may reach this threshold, take action, and then continue […]

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