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Free video training in treating phantom limb pain

Free video training in treating phantom limb pain using the mirror box, featuring Andrew T. Austin: In addition to full demonstration sessions, there are two recorded workshop presentations. The site contains a wealth of information about understanding the experience of an amputee, and much of it applies equally to other clients. Some of the […]

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“Lasting Feelings” (Jealousy) on YouTube A client session with Leslie Cameron-Bandler including follow-up. This amazingly rich session, recorded in 1983, is now available on YouTube — absolutely free. See how therapy can be fun as well as deep, serious, and lasting. The client, Hazel, begins the session with intense (and she realizes, unwarranted) jealousy. Since she […]

New Video of Metaphors of Movement Free

Watch this video for a fresh introduction to Metaphors of Movement. The video is of Mark Andreas presenting at the ACHE conference, and includes some interaction with the audience plus a great example at the end. We invite you to come to a live MoM training with Andy Austin, the developer of Metaphors of Movement, in Boulder […]

After sending that post, I realized that one of the results of changing auditory self-talk to a visual representation is that it strips out all the auditory tempo, tonality, accent, etc. (Words on a page have no tonality except what is provided by our reading voice, plus a few clues provided by punctuation (;!?,. etc.) […]

Free stuff from Steve and Connirae

New article by Steve Andreas appears in the Psychotherapy Networker, August 2014 In this article, Steve expands on a previous blog post, a “case study” describing how he helped a client let go of hate. It includes a lot more detail, and some additional understandings that are fundamental to all client work. It is written […]

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