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This blog post from Steve began as an email to family members written in the last few months of his life, with some messages he wanted to pass on. Realizing it might be of wider interest, he asked me to be sure to share it with you. I’ve enjoyed re-reading it now, and I hope […]

Want more love in your life?

The process below is from Leslie Cameron-Bandler, one of NLP’s early Developers. Leslie was particularly exquisite at using her liveliness and warmth to elicit powerful responses in clients. This was partly as a result of her deep trance identification with Virginia Satir who was one of the most effective therapists who ever lived. This process […]

Two Great Trainings! Earlybird Discounts

We try to keep the blog mostly to content pieces of interest. But every once in a while we need to make a living too, so we want to make sure you know about upcoming trainings… Both these trainings are real opportunities for personal transformation. If you’re a therapist or coach, you will also be […]

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Humor, the Brain, and Personal Change

“In Heaven, they tell jokes; In Hell they explain them.” (Argentinian proverb) For most of us, when we have a “problem,” we may get intently serious about it, and may resent anyone who says anything humorous about it. I’ve watched a lot of therapy sessions by now, with people of many orientations. What I notice […]

Responding Resourcefully to Abuse in a Public Place: taking change skills out of your office into the real world. “One of the most important things our brains can do is to transform hindsight into foresight.” A few weeks ago, in a supermarket, I saw a young girl, perhaps 6 or 7, reach for something in […]