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2 Gems (Free short videos)

A Couple of Delightful Short Free Videos for your enjoyment . . . . Gem #1 (2 min.) A very sweet chewing gum ad that is guaranteed to bring tears (the good kind) to anyone with a pulse. Gem #2. (3 min.) This short video shows the construction of a traditional rope bridge in Peru […]

Steve Andreas announces his version of retirement

I have been saying for years that I’m semi-retired, but now that I am just short of 80, I think it’s time to go a bit further. I’m planning to retire from teaching live trainings and presenting at conferences. I will be continuing to explore, develop and refine NLP methods, write about them on my […]

Recently I was exasperated by someone who didn’t keep what I thought was an agreement between us. But “Exasperation” doesn’t fully express the intensity of the confusion and disorientation I felt when that happened, so I decided to explore it using Andy Austin’s Metaphors of Movement process. Connirae and I have been having a great […]

The Pond

We thought about it for years, living in the lowlands along the creek, where the water table is close to the surface. We thought of adding fish, and maybe ice skating in the winter if we dug it large enough. One year a backhoe was in the neighborhood, so we dug a small test hole. […]

Introduction by Steve Andreas Below is a verbatim excerpt from Danie Beaulieu’s “Living Metaphor” video (recorded at the 2010 Advanced Mastery Training in Boulder Colorado.) Danie is a master at utilizing simple props for profound effect. Here she tells how she used a bag of smelly chicken bones to gain rapport with a young boy […]

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