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PTSD: Simple and Complex

The term PTSD is sometimes applied very loosely to any unpleasant memory of an event that continues to trouble someone. Having a deprived childhood, repeated failure in school or business, or being dumped by a lover may be very unpleasant, but it is not usually a life-threatening event. The DSM 5 criteria for PTSD are […]

Many people ask us when they can train with Steve Andreas, since he hasn’t done many public trainings in the past few years. Now is your opportunity! See below for details and also check out our full trainings schedule. Resolving PTSD: The Many Aspects with Steve Andreas August 15-18, 2013 in Boulder, Colorado Learn to […]

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The trainings we’re offering this Spring include new innovations (see the week-long series with Andy Austin), and Core Transformation, which remains one of the most deeply transformative offerings in NLP.  Earlybird Discount still available for the Weight Loss training with Andy, and Fall Core Transformation. Visit our NLP trainings website for more. Metaphors of Movement […]

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Hearing What People are Really Saying

The following is a guest post from Andrew T. Austin. I once met a very distressed lady on the first morning of a workshop. Prior to the workshop she had been to see her doctor, and I imagine she looked just as distressed when he saw her as when I saw her. “I’m feeling very […]

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How Our Metaphors Reveal Creative Solutions

–Guest Post by Connirae Andreas The man was right up against it—a wire fence with jagged barbs densely interwoven. No chance of getting through those barbs. The path ahead looked attractive. But the barbed-wire fence… Even if he could somehow get through the first one, he could see there was another beyond it. And another, […]

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