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Treating PTSD

The so-called “gold standard” for treating PTSD is “exposure therapy” in which the client is asked to re-experience a terrifying traumatic memory repeatedly. This is very uncomfortable, so there is a huge dropout rate, and it is also very undependable and slow, taking many sessions. Besides the dropouts, some people get worse, not better. If […]

You can observe the complete process of guiding an Iraq Vet in resolving PTSD, along with many companion issues, in just four sessions totaling 9 hours. The program is divided into 13 segments of streaming video that you can watch at your own pace, whenever you want to, as often as you want to — […]

While you can still get our quality NLP products as print books, CD, or DVD, now you can also get many of our products in digital formats — saving you money on shipping (and often on price), as well as more convenient for our rapidly-changing digital world. Core Transformation DVD Set: now only $145 Our […]

Guilt and Values Conflicts

“One of the most important functions of the mind is to transform hindsight into foresight.” Recently I carefully reviewed my book Transforming Your Self: becoming who you want to be, in order to prepare it to become an e-book. (Now available on Amazon Kindle.) I came across a section on guilt and values conflicts that […]

I’m really pleased to announce that Volume I of my e-book, (which was titled “Help with Negative Self-Talk”), is being published by Norton, a major New York publisher, now titled Transforming Negative Self-Talk. (118 pp. paperback, $17.50) One of Norton’s editors saw a presentation I did on a webcast; she really liked it and this […]

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