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Free Holiday Gift for you and yours!

Dear Friends, For the holidays Mark Andreas has just released a free booklet of two “outside-the-box” cop stories that people are finding touching, humorous, and inspirational in a time when police shootings and abuse of power has regularly made the news. Just a few days ago one of the stories was requested by Macmillan Learning […]

New Steve Andreas Video and More

“Briefest Moments” video of Steve. In January 2015 I invited a colleague, Chris Gunn, who is also a videographer, to spend a week with me in a house on the beach in Kauai. One afternoon Chris set up a couple of cameras and asked me some questions — some professional, some personal, some both — […]

The new book “Waltzing with Wolverines: finding connection and cooperation with troubled teens” by Mark Andreas, is now available in paperback, as well as an e-book. You can read an excerpt from the book on Mark’s blog. Who do you know who would like to receive a practical and lasting gift for connecting with young […]

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Waltzing with Wolverines is an e-book about working with “at risk” teens by our son, Mark Andreas, based on his experiences leading a 24/7 wilderness therapy program in the mountains of Colorado. When Mark gave Connirae and I the manuscript to review, we couldn’t put it down. We loved reading the stories — Mark’s sense […]

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Eight experts share their experience and insights. Depression is often clearly a response to loss—of a loved person, a valued job, a sense of self-identity, a treasured activity, a dream, or a future. In my segment of this conference, titled “The many faces of loss, and how to resolve it,” I explore the possibility that […]

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