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1. A GREAT Music Video from the Three Tomatoes (4:18) 2. Audio Interview with Steve. I recently did an hour long radio interview with Jose Drost-Lopez about my new book, Transforming Negative Self-Talk, which is available here, and which you can listen to any time. 3. Hour-long video webcast with Rich Simon, editor of the […]

Andy Austin, author of The Rainbow Machine, first introduced us to his Metaphors of Movement process at the 2009 Advanced Mastery Training, and we have brought him to Boulder twice since then to teach it in much more detail. It reminds us strongly of our early days with Bandler and Grinder, when we were learning […]

Guest post by Connirae Andreas One-on-one coaches sometimes lament that participants in workshops seem to be so much more responsive than clients in individual sessions. There are definitely some advantages to the workshop setting, where the Trainer can begin by demonstrating a method with a volunteer from the audience. After this, the group is “primed.” […]

I would like to interview people who have experienced hate or loathing, as part of an informal research project to gather information about the essential process characteristics of these experiences. My goal is to develop a dependable protocol for helping people who are troubled by these states and want to change them—just as Connirae and […]

Recently I was exasperated by someone who didn’t keep what I thought was an agreement between us. But “Exasperation” doesn’t fully express the intensity of the confusion and disorientation I felt when that happened, so I decided to explore it using Andy Austin’s Metaphors of Movement process. Connirae and I have been having a great […]

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