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Recontextualizing Skills – Postscript

The previous blog post, “Recontextualizing Skills,” featured an example from Don Aspromonte, who taught a man who was a skilled runner, but had difficulty writing reports, how to “run a report.” (If you haven’t read that one yet, you may want to read it first.) Don sent us an email with some important additional detail […]

Recontextualizing Skills

Milton Erickson, probably the greatest therapist who ever lived, often helped people by utilizing, “what you know, but you don’t know that you know.” All of us are skilled in certain contexts and very limited in others. When we feel incompetent, we may despair, thinking that we will have to laboriously learn a complex new […]

Different Ways to Help a Client Make Changes

Fairly often someone writes to me asking about how to gather information to determine what the structure of the problem is, and what intervention to use. “How can I decide what to do when, and which method to use?” This is a very important basic question, and I want to offer a few thoughts in […]

NLP Finally Gets Respect & Notice

Many of us in the field have complained for years that NLP methods have been largely ignored in mainstream research into therapeutic processes. Periodically research appears that “rediscovers” and proves some aspect of NLP that we have known and published years ago — but without any reference to NLP. Recently a Psychology Today blog post […]

Filling a Gap

Tom Kavanaugh raised an interesting question in response to viewing the streaming videos on He wrote: “None of the processes and protocols I’ve studied has provided any information about what to do with someone once they have released the effects and symptoms of PTSD.  It’s my opinion that up to 80% of a person’s […]

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