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Digital vs. analog change, part 2

This is a follow-on to a conversation about resolving forgiveness being digital, rather than analog, with Rob Voyle, a colleague who has specialized in teaching our method for reaching forgiveness. That conversation was a follow-on to two previous posts about scaling: “On a Scale of 1-10, How useful is Scaling” and “More About Scaling.” Rob […]

Terry Real Case Report Commentary

In the May/June 2016 issue of the Psychotherapy Networker, Marian Sandmaier asks several therapists: “What’s Your Most Memorable Therapeutic Moment?: Six Master Clinicians Share Their Reflections” In his piece, “The Found and the Lost,” Terry Real describes his work with a couple in difficulties. In the following excerpt, he recounts a tragic event during his […]

Andreas/Hall Dialogue: Responses to Comments

Steve Andreas writes: My previous blog post contained a statement by myself, presenting exercises eliciting several very different experiences that could be described using the word “Meta,” stating that we need to be more specific about which of these experiences we refer to, and concluding that since the word “Meta” is so ambiguous, it would […]

What is the Experience of “Meta”?

What is the Experience of “Meta”? A dialogue between Steve Andreas and Michael Hall Some time ago, I (Steve) made the following general proposal to Michael for a dialogue to exemplify a respectful exchange of views in the field: In the past, you and I have had significantly different fundamental understandings on a number of […]

Self-acceptance and Self-rejection

I want to begin with a quotation from my old teacher Fritz Perls, who developed Gestalt Therapy: It is obvious that an eagle’s potential will be actualized in roaming the sky, diving down on smaller animals for food, and in building nests. It is obvious that the elephant’s potential will be actualized in size, power […]

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