Because last year’s Advanced Mastery Training was so successful, both we and many of our participant group have been eager for more of the fun, inspiring, and innovative learning experiences we shared last year.

Registration has just opened for the second Advanced Mastery Training—August 1-7, 2010 in Boulder, Colorado. Specially designed for NLP Master Practitioners who want to go beyond their current level of mastery, this training offers a unique opportunity to learn leading-edge models and methods as part of a wonderful community of fellow learners and explorers.

For years I’ve had a vision of a training which would gather some of NLP’s most creative and innovative trainers into the same training room at the same time, to provide multiple perspectives on advanced topics in a room of skilled participants. With the help of 47 colleagues, 3 Trainers, and our Coordinator Team, we began to unfold this possibility last year. This year we plan to build on the foundation laid—amplifying those aspects that worked well last year to bring you an even more dynamic and enriching learning experience.

This year’s training highlights…

  • All-New Content.
  • 3 New Trainers and a 5-trainer team. We are pleased to have international trainers Nick Kemp (UK), Danie Beaulieu (Canada), and Lucas Derks (Holland), along with returning trainers Andy Austin (UK), and Steve Andreas (US).
  • 7 Full Days (one day longer than last year).
  • Each trainer will be sharing in-depth knowledge of the gems of his/her recent work. Plus we’ll be continuing the practice of live client-session demonstrations with people who have no background in NLP.

…all at less than half the price of some “7-day NLP Practitioner” courses!

Last year’s training was inspiring, rejuvenating, and deepening.  Here’s what some of our community had to say about it…

“I really loved this training. (And I’ve done lots of trainings!) Fantastic content. Good challenges for us advanced students.”
—Suzanne Scott, California

“Thank you for one of the most inspiring, educational, well organized, amazing trainings in my life. This training had definite WOW factor due to excellent presentations of new material and new angles on familiar processes. It made a difference that only experienced participants attended. This meant there was not only food for thought from the trainers, but the other participants as well. … I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This was a big investment for me, and I have reaped rewards already. I look forward to working with Tools For Transforming again.”
—Hariata Hema, New Zealand

“I had a fabulous time—I deepened both my knowledge and skills. I learned some new material and ways of working. I watched/observed some masters. I met some new friends. I also experienced a significant personal change. Yes indeed, I had a ball. Worth every single cent and two 23 hour plane journeys. I’d go back tomorrow.”
—Paul Tracey, Ireland

Although this is an advanced training, last year we greatly appreciated the “beginner’s mind” with which our community of learners came together to explore and learn with ample fun and laughter. To see video excerpts from last year’s training, watch this: